Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Mystery of the Anasazi

Twenty two years ago I took some French folks , who had entertained me in Chamonix, on a tour of the Southwest. Utah, Colorado, Arizona. All Europeans want to see the Grand Canyon. The Mafiols, I had skied the extremes of Chamonix with their son, were astounded by the lack of wine in Utah, kept repeating Tres Vast, Tres Vast in amazement at the expansive vistas of our beautiful country, and were dumbfounded as I explained to them the departure of the Anasazi from Mesa Verde (of course this might have been my imperfect French).

Today, there is an article of the whys and perhapses in the New York Times. Scientists are still speculating, drought, alienation, wars...a new God... We will never know. However this Photo Album tells a story.

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