Monday, April 7, 2008

Green Buildings

Yes we will be talking to you about more than bees here. And, as I continue to finish my simple cottage, the most modest and most environmentally aware building I have ever designed or built. A structure of glass, foam concrete walls, great insulation....a hybrid of a simple cottage and Phillip Johnson's glass house. I will, on occasion, burden you my reader with my choices to save big and little bucks, build simple and save the environment too.

Win-win... I us to say no way but sometimes it is true.

So, here is a link and here are pictures of designs and homes And now the purpose of this post, a link to a whole house electric water heater. I chose Stiebel Eltron. There are others. There are gas ones too. The gas needs a vent and that is why I did not use one. The electric: it might as well be a toaster, albeit a much more complicated one, but almost just as easy to install. ( If you want advice on this contact me through my profile page) Fast as an electron in heat: I will get back to you.

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