Friday, December 11, 2009

Obummer, World Peace-and the Prize

Deeply is reminded of Woody Allen in one of his movies, acting the beauty queen and mouthing, world peace, with a strange, stupid, ridiculous grin on his face.

And yes, Deeply saw bits and pieces of our President's speech. They were as usual excellent. But, so what, the man can speak, we've got it. It is the doing that is the problem. I know, I know, after the Doofus, with his inept strides, his lack of curiosity, his wars, his lies and his onslaught on all but the very rich, well, anything would have been better. And after W's mangled syntax, a warbling bright President seemed heaven sent.

Wrong, big wrong, solid wrong, completely wrong; one wonders if the Europeans get us at all. Deeply doubts it. Come on people the peace prize was nothing more than hope and a bribe of expectation. Sadly, it seems, the last European to really get the good old USA was De Tocqueville. And while he wowed and wondered at our experiment he also thought we were a bunch of drunks. De Tocqueville would not have given any Peace Prizes before the pudding.

But these are just thoughts, perhaps the looking glass will eject us, and we will find that we have not fallen down that rabbit hole. That our verbose and warbling President didn't just send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, didn't continue hit squads and drones a drumming ( just imagine it must be like the Empire strikes back if you are some peasant in Pakistan) The death star courtesy of America.

Hello Noble Boys and Girls, either you are idiots, wishful thinkers, or like we said two paragraphs ago, you just don't get America. How and the hell could you give a Prize of Peace to a Warmonger.

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