Sunday, May 11, 2008

Save The Bees Blossoms

As the fields around our forest finally burst into brilliance (I know I said two weeks ago, but there was the cold spell, and the cold spell) so finally does the product line of Save The Bees on Blue View Lane. If not this evening, then tomorrow... the new logo and products will be available summoning you to Select a Shirt, Support A Student, and yes Save the Bees...which means your sweat rolls, your ice cream, your jams and jellies and your planet-think big...think small.

The bees are big
The bees are small
They exist for one and all.
In saving them you save yourself
You preserve our planets
Looks and health.

And with expectation, wait, because if it is sunny tomorrow morning; as I dash about my day, I promise. I will stop for a moment and send some beautiful pictures your direction. And don't
forget to go to and join in singing The Save The Bees Song
with Deeply...Look for the lyrics on your left and partway down this page.
When the bees start leavin
Then you'll start believin......

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